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Arrival [Jun. 17th, 2009|04:26 pm]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay
The trip was long and arduous, through freezing cold, pouring rain, scorching heat and crushing zones of high pressure - and this only described the social environment. Beyond the train station, it was a matter of a few much more mercifully pleasant chauffeured rides by steam car before the Armstrong familial estate grounds came into view.

A view probably shared by many quaffers of cleaning chemicals.

The palatial estate's austere surrounding grounds had been transformed overnight into a veritable festival ground. Opulence was on display like a bodybuilder's anatomy. Attendants and waitstaff were sprinkled amidst entertainers, groundskeepers and a milling contingent of area military, most looking disturbingly good-humored with children, spouses, or elderly parents in tow. There was a silver lining that could probably have explained this relatively cheerful state of affairs to even the most jaded perspective (already in attendence in several shades): A pyramid of wooden casks at the fringes of the festivities. Little doubt could be had that the contents were largely tame liquers and wines, but were the server currently attending to the adjacent table to falter in his vigilance, the sheer quantity available was sufficient to reduce a pleasant family holiday to the deranged screaming of naked hobos in relatively little time.

At the head of the group, the younger Armstrong sibling stopped simply to raise his arms exultantly, as if breathing in the very atmosphere of bonding and festivity. If the cordite smell of the figurative powderkeg whiffed past his nostrils, he took no notice.

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A quick consensus-gathering thread [May. 5th, 2009|10:48 pm]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay

((So, it seems things are moving on to phase two. Now, I want to pin something down so I don't go charging off without anyone. My ASSUMPTION, considering the various hilariously ruffled feathers, is that the seemingly imminent transit is going to mostly be a smorgasbord of icy silences, avoidance, furtive planning, and muffled screams from the restrooms. But I want to make sure I'm not assuming falsely here. So, what's the consensus? Would it be better to next set our sites on the between-locations transit scenes, or go ahead and move on to arrival?))
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Thicker Than Water - Part Two [Oct. 1st, 2008|01:41 am]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay

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For a Colonel of twenty-nine ousted from a glorious position of prestige and importance in Central City to a busy but backstage production like East City, Roy could at least say that he had a remarkable office to his name.

There were any number of complaints that could be made on the state of that office. From time to time, the smell of smoke was stagnant, either from burnt paper or an 8-hour straight string of another's cigarettes. Many smoked in the military. This was not remarkable. At another time, paper work might have been a little scattered. If it never were, though, that would be remarkable. The In-Box might be considered a little too full. Roy himself was of the opinion, on some of the days that the latter problem manifested itself so dauntingly, that his windows (or desks, carpet, walls...) were in need of immediate deep-cleaning. This could lead to another commentator deciding that his cleaning tactics left something to be desired. It was neither remarkably orderly, nor was it a health hazard. It was neither the base of remarkable productivity nor a remarkable waste of State funds. All in all, the small corner of East City called 'Colonel Roy Mustang's Office' was no more remarkable for perfection than imperfection.

At that moment in time, there were but two occupants, neither particularly out of place. One was the Colonel himself. His presence was all but a given. The other was a Lieutenant Colonel far from his base at Central, but a man of the military in a military office with a military buddy was not that remarkable.

None the less, Roy Mustang's office was remarkable in one single regard; while it had its lulls (this was East City; after all), its bursts of excitement were of high enough energy to be considered an exciting place. Remarkably so.

(Enjoy your place holder entry.)
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State of the Filth address. [Mar. 1st, 2008|08:19 am]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay


This is a temporary comment that the game is still alive, but perhaps not quite 'well.' We're at a bit of a standstill, until we get Hughes's roll refilled. We'd managed to locate a grand new Olivier, in case no one had noticed, as the prior player had seemingly disappeared without responding to various attempts at contact. Our prior Hughes dropped for personal reasons, and gaming will commence ASAP. If you're capable of making posts or taking action at this point in the game, do feel free to do so, by all means.

Our apologies for this temporary standstill. As consolation, lovebymuscles will write Armstrongxyourcharacter porn for every comment you post here. I haven't made him aware that he will be doing this yet, thus, if you comment too soon, excuse a potential delay in that, as well. Here at Dirty Alchemist, our own filth is like a weight over our entire skins, slowing us, dragging us down.

Auditions are still open for other characters and double casting is still open.

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Thicker Than Water - Introduction [Nov. 20th, 2007|12:41 am]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay

Each envelope, a smaller-than-business size suitable for greeting cards, was personally addressed by hand. Though the folded notes inside were typewritten on their identical stationary, the recipient was always addressed by name, and a handwritten signature preceeded the crisply typed name of the sender.

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Major Armstrong was the Department of Transportation chairman.

((Ladies and gentlemen, you know what comes next. Do that funky thing you do!))

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HWWAAARGH! [Nov. 18th, 2007|03:56 am]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay

All right, friends! The time is drawing near for the festivities to begin! But before we stick our collective hand out further than we can pull it back, I just wanted to toss some things out for digestion. Much in the way a fly regurgitates corrosive acid onto its food.

First off, for what it's worth, I'll be the one to an extent "GMing" (narrating, modding, administrating, referee-ing, whatever term you're used to) our only current upcoming game, which really needs a name just so we can distinguish it from possible future ones. In effect, besides playing Alexander Louis Armstrong, this basically just means I'll be handling some descriptive elements (laying out the basic features and layouts of locations), playing some various NPCs, and arbitrating disputes. Of course, the latter is only neccessary when two players can't work out an agreement themselves. If two players agree on something between themselves, I won't trump that. Now, use of minor NPCs isn't an exclusive right. If you feel like grabbing some random, faceless waiter/child/hostage/puppy for a scene and playing them out a bit, that's hunky-dory. My responsibility is more in the area of "named" NPCs, such as (some) members of the Armstrong family, or anyone else of actual importance who isn't being represented by a player. If you'd like to interact with a specific series character who you could reasonably get in touch with, nab me for that. But the faceless masses are yours to puppeteer as you see fit (within reason)! There may be a few exceptions to this. Some characters might have an "attached" NPC to play as they wish themselves. If there's an NPC close to your character who you would like to requisition, just ask. This means specific, named characters, but not major ones. Hughes' player controlling Gracia would probably be fine. Roy's player controlling Hughes isn't. Roy himself controlling Hughes... well, I'll let you find your own opinion on that one.

Now, I know everyone hates being "railroaded" by the storyline. Nobody likes some power-tripping GM strapping them down to the table to shout the story at them through a megaphone. I make it a personal creed to try to avoid that. But there is one tiny concession I must ask. This may not even become an issue. But right off the bat, there will be a simple "hook" to draw the various characters into the story. You may feel it entirely justifiable that your character would honestly completely avoid getting involved in the situation. And you may be quite correct to feel that way. I'm not asking you to completely break character in order to pursue this hook. But if you feel your character won't be able to get involved with the scenario as it's presented, please do what you can to meet me halfway and find a way to make it in-character for them. If you need me to machinate some story circumstances to make it more plausible, please let me know. I don't want anyone acting what they consider to be wildly OOC just to make sure the plot doesn't leave them behind, but, well, I also can't afford to just let the plot leave anyone behind either. Trust me, you'll know what the scenario hook is when you see it. Just try to meet me halfway on it.

A few details on the setting. The lab 5 incident hasn't gone down quite yet. Homunculi are still an element that's more quietly in the background and very much unknown to military intelligence. Our dear Maes Hughes hasn't had his... unfortunate incident. We're primarily sticking to the anime continuity. However, we do have one character unique to the manga who's being worked in, and including others, as long as their existence in the anime canon isn't an impossibility, isn't out of the question. Aside from these primary guidelines of timing, it shouldn't be neccessary to pin down an exact month/day/hour on the timeline that this all takes place. If it turns out I'm wrong and this leaves some gaping ambiguity, I will narrow it down to clarify it, and clean your ears as penance. Yes, there's a good chance that events in this game may occur that would prevent the story from going down the way it does in the anime. That's more than fine. What's happened up to this point is what's important. What happens after is ours to alter as we see fit. THE POWER OF THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS. PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR DRILL!

Aside from that, a few minor notes. I'm not anticipating an Elfen Lied-esque bloodbath here. The way this sits in my mind, physical confrontation, risk of life and limb, and combat won't be major focuses. Of course, I also didn't anticipate I would ever touch a live human female (and with laboratory-grade evidence!), so we'll see how that pans out. That's not to say the basic setup doesn't have some rather significant barbs and cruelties of its own. I hope none of you are afraid of getting your hands dirty. But would you have stayed on with us this long if you were?

Now, I'm not one to scatter plot details helter-skelter around. Spoilers, especially in a group RP, are bad juju. But, just as one last note on tone and setting, I would like to officially unveil the theme of this particular storyline. Drumroll, please.........

Family togetherness!

Yeah, Ed, you're not going to like this at all.

Anyway, anyone who has questions can shoot them my way or post them in the comments, and I'll endeavor my utmost to answer them! But the beginning is nigh, so I'm off to flesh out some details!

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General Rules, Admin. notes, startup. [Nov. 11th, 2014|10:02 am]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay


Welcome to the Dirty Alchemist Role Playing Game. Here's everything you'll need to know in your fictional life, updated as things you'd wish you'd known but didn't arise to offer you solutions one event too late. Sections are divided into Game mechanics/rules and administration notes.

Current GM: lovebymuscles 
Upcoming GM(s): None


Double Casting: Open! 
If already casted, feel free to skip all parts of the application that don't relate immediately to your second character.
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The Application [Nov. 7th, 2007|02:24 pm]
Dirty Alchemist - The Hagaren Group Roleplay


Please fill out this application without fear; it isn't that we're elitist bastards so much as that we're filtering and accounting for a potentially higher demand for certain characters than others. The RP will be a blend of the mediums with the finer details of the plot and character divergences discussed with relevant character players upon appointment. 

A list of available characters can be found at the Dirty Alchemist Profile.

Either submit via E-mail to ZeigadisGw@aol.com and/or ghoul72@hotmail.com and put a post here that you've sent, or just post your application here. 

If you see a notice that a character is auditioned for, until they are taken on the cast page, feel free to audition.


You won't necessarily be penalized for a lack of familiarity; those are more for our own plot/development references.

Your familiarity with the manga:
Your familiarity with the anime:
Who voices your character:
Your familiarity with the novels:
Your familiarity with the dramas:
Your familiarity with the games: 
Your prefered medium of focus for play: (manga? anime? etc.)

Nota bene: The game is not meant to be wrought with porn, smut, or any sort of general penetration.  We deeply believe that these answers will help us understand you and your understanding of the character, as well as perhaps give you time for reflection.

That, and reading the answers makes us hot.

Does your character have an explicit sexual orientation? 
(Again, for reference. Yaoi/yuri/het/incest/bestiality friendly. See RP title.)

What's the worst thing your character thinks a person can do to someone else? 
(Not necessarily sex related)

What could possibly gross your character out so much that they'd swear to celibacy for life? 
('See above' is a valid answer)

So. Your character. Top, bottom, switch hitter, chronic virgin, autofellator?

Please provide a sample of your role playing this character during a moment of down time. You're a role player. You've done it before; you make a post to eat time, kill space, where nothing really happens. Do it now. Show us your shame.

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